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  • Fallout 3: Every Permanent Companion, Ranked
    Tempo: Oct. 20, 2020 De:

    Fallout 3 journey throughout the Capital Wasteland is rife with a variety of colorful characters. From inspiring DJ Three-Dog to the stern Colonel Autumn, to even our own enigmatic father, the Lone Wanderer's quest is far from lonely.


    Among the countless people players can meet, there are those who can accompany us on our journey. But not all companions in Fallout 3 are created equal, be it in use for battle or compelling personality.


    8.Sergeant RL-3


    Sergeant RL-3 is one of the Fallout franchise's iconic Mr. Gutsy robots, a pre-apocalypse war machine repurposed into a compatriot. For players wanting to be an absolute hero or villain, this metallic ally is unavailable, as he only accepts those with neutral karma.



    Man's best friend has been a returning companion ever since the first Fallout game released in 1997. Though not the same dog as the first two games, this canine companion can be found in a similar manner, rescued from raiders who recently killed his past master.



    Clover can be first met when the Lone Wanderer has to enter Paradise Falls to rescue some Little Lamplight citizens, as a personal slave to the outpost's owner Eulogy Jones. She's not the easiest ally to recruit, as she can only be purchased from Eulogy if players have extremely evil karma, which is no easy feat, especially if they want to rescue the Little Lamplighters.



    Like Dogmeat and RL-3 before him, Charon is a non-human companion. Or rather, he's a formerly-human ally, given his status as a non-feral ghoul. This mercenary can be hired within the Ninth Circle, needing no specific karma to recruit.


    4.Butch Deloria

    Butch is a unique companion, in that he starts out as our childhood bully in Vault 101. He makes a rapid turnaround in our initial escape from the Vault and subsequent return in the optional quest, "Trouble On the Homefront."


    3.Star Paladin Cross

    This semi-retired Brotherhood of Steel Paladin certainly packs a punch. For the more nobly-inclined or militaristic players, Cross can make a perfect companion, as she's only available for those with undoubtedly good karma.



    The last of Fallout 3 human companions, Jericho is undoubtedly an intriguing character. He's a former raider, current resident of the city of Megaton, and optional companion should players have an evil enough karma.



    Super Mutants have been a recurring enemy ever since the first Fallout, but it was only with the advent of Fallout 3 that one became a possible companion. 

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